A research and advisory services firm changing how businesses, communities, and public programs serve older adults


What We Do

We help organizations transform the delivery of healthcare and aging services for the nation’s highest need older adults.

Why The Time Is Right

Policymakers are shifting liability for health and long-term care spending to providers and insurers. Local delivery systems are integrating care, breaking down traditional care silos, and building new partnerships to manage the needs of high cost populations.

How We Do It

We stand by research and data as the foundation of quality and believe that collaboration with our clients inspires new ideas.

Recent Work

Need for LTSS Emerging as a Defining Characteristic of High-Cost, High Need Medicare Population

What is the relationship between LTSS need and Medicare spending that could influence spending? We partnered with the Long-Term Care Quality Alliance and Johns Hopkins University researchers to answer this question.


Spending on Older Adults Who Need Long-Term Services and Supports

Integrated Care in Seniors Housing That Meets the Triple Aim

To understand the impact of integrated care in seniors housing, we compared patient outcomes from residents of an innovative senior housing company to the patient outcomes of a similarly disabled and cognitively impaired Medicare population.


Reducing Hospitalizations by Integrating Health and Housing

Five Health Plans Successfully Bridge Acute and Long-Term Care Needs

We partnered with the Long-Term Care Quality Alliance to define long-term services and supports (LTSS) integration and study the aspects of LTSS integration that appear to contribute most to cost and quality outcomes. For this study, we selected five organizations around the country that have experience integrating LTSS and medical care and are successful examples of LTSS.


Developing the Business Case for LTSS Integration

Recent Insights

The Need for Financing Solutions

The Need for Financing Solutions

Our chances are 50/50 that in our old age, we’ll need someone else’s help with basic activities of daily life—like bathing, dressing, eating, getting out of bed. Many families are caught off guard…

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