A research and advisory services firm changing how businesses, communities, and public programs serve older adults


What We Do

We help organizations transform the delivery of healthcare and aging services for the nation’s highest need older adults.

Why The Time Is Right

Policymakers are shifting liability for health and long-term care spending to providers and insurers. Local delivery systems are integrating care, breaking down traditional care silos, and building new partnerships to manage the needs of high cost populations.

How We Do It

We stand by research and data as the foundation of quality and believe that collaboration with our clients inspires new ideas.

Recent Work

Invention Born of Necessity: The Provider-Led Medicare Advantage Plan

We analyzed one innovative provider’s readiness and ability to form and operate an I-SNP for its residents.  


Evaluating an Organization’s Ability to Provide Insurance to Its Residents


CHRONIC Care Act: Making the Case for Non-Medical Services and Supports in Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits

We analyzed the impact of chronic conditions and activities of daily living on Medicare utilization in an effort to better understand high cost, high need populations that could benefit from new non-medical supplemental benefits.


Analyzing Data To Help Plans Identify Target Population for Benefits 

The CHRONIC Care Act of 2018 Advances Care for Adults with Complex Needs

Passed by Congress and signed by the President, the Creating High-Quality Results and Outcomes Necessary to Improve Chronic (CHRONIC) Care Act became law in February 2018. These significant policy changes will advance the goals of integrated care for adults with complex needs. ATI teamed with researchers at The SCAN Foundation to issue this policy brief that summarizes important sections of the law. 


CHRONIC Care Act of 2018 Brief

Integrated Care in Seniors Housing That Meets the Triple Aim

To understand the impact of integrated care in seniors housing, we compared patient outcomes from residents of an innovative senior housing company to the patient outcomes of a similarly disabled and cognitively impaired Medicare population.


Reducing Hospitalizations by Integrating Health and Housing

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